"Doing Direct Primary Care has changed my life. Not only am I getting more time with my wife and three boys, but they have noticed the improved lifestyle and the renewed joy in my work. After seeing the change to a DPC practice, my sons are talking about going into medicine..."


-Dr. Ryan Kauffman

Hickory Medical is looking for ways to grow services for our community and beyond.  With increasing demand for direct primary care, we are looking for partners who would be interested in serving the people of Logan County or who might be interested in implementing a similar model in their own communities.

Our highest growth priority right now is to find a partner physician for our Bellefontaine office.  A family doctor is preferred, but any primary care doctor who is interested in engaging fully in our community and nurturing the total health of their patients is welcome.  Average appointment length is 30 minutes with no coding responsibilities and charting usually completed during the work day.  A partner can expect to have about 35 office hours a week and perhaps 10 additional hours of total administrative and call responsibilities along with substantial flexibility in scheduling and work time. 

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with our offices if you have any leads, inquires, suggestions, or insights. Our business manager, Rudi, can be reached any time at 937-404-2489 or by email at Rudi.Kauffman@HickoryDPC.com. If you're a physician and would like to speak directly with our founding physician, Dr. Ryan Kauffman can be reached at 937-404-2488 or email at Ryan.Kauffman@HickoryDPC.com. If you're unsure about a move to Bellefontaine, but you are interested in learning more about Direct Primary Care elsewhere please see more information on the practices page.