Summer Holiday Hours

Hickory Medical will have no office hours July 2-5. For issues that need to be addressed before July 6, leave a phone message or send a message through the patient portal. Messages will be responded to daily. For issues that can not wait for several hours, go to a local urgent care. In Bellefontaine, consider Mary Rutan Urgent Care (651-6820) or Family Urgent Care (592-0731)


In order to provide you with the best value and the highest quality of care, we work for you, not for an insurance company. We do not bill insurance for any services provided. With this Direct Primary Care Model, you pay a monthly membership fee and as a member, there is a low cost scheduling fee and many services within our office that are provided at no additional charge. You can save on your membership fee by paying on a yearly basis. Membership fees are paid using automatic payment with your credit, debit card, or from your checking account.

Services provided for members at no additional charge

  • Same day appointments generally available
  • Communication with your doctor by phone or electronic tools
  • Basic labs for members
  • Discounted pricing on other labs
  • Discounted pricing for procedures

This model works because we reduce the overhead cost associated with insurance and pass the savings on to our patients. The costs of salaries as well as other fixed costs, such as rent and equipment, are paid by the membership fees. The scheduling fee (for office visits) and procedure fee (for minor surgeries or injection of medications) is used to pay for variable overhead, such as disposable equipment, basic lab service, and costs associated with technology and scheduling. There are no additional charges for you or your insurance company. You will know all charges at the time of your visit and pricing is completely transparent. Vaccines are available at cost, through the health department, or can be obtained through a pharmacy using insurance.

Monthly Membership
  Adult $41
  Child (with adult) $21

Visit Charges Scheduling Fee $20
Includes EKG, Urinalysis, BMP, CMP, CBC, TSH, HgbA1C, FLP, Rapid Strep, Urine Pregnancy Test if indicated
  Procedure Fee $20
  Home Visit Fee: $10/mile

Joining Fee
  Adult $41
  Child (with adult) $21
  Maximum $100/family