COVID-19 Update 3/16/20

First, thank you for your questions, your thoughts and the resources you have shared.   This will be a brief note.  Over the next 7-14 days we will begin to have a picture of what shape this disease will take.   

To get a picture of what is likely to come, please take 15 minutes to view the following video that is narrated by Professor of Public Health, my brother, and Ohio State University educated Doctor of Public Health,  Ross Kauffman.

Small Town COVID-19 Fatality Modeling Video from Bluffton-Pandemic on Vimeo.

Dr. Ryan Kauffman (our doctor) created the affiliated calculator (you can find it here:  There are still many unknowns so the calculator is only projecting based on the numbers that we have available.  President Trump has rightly pointed out that we do not know what the true prevalence rate is in the populations we have observed (when China has 10% confirmed cases rate in Wuhan was that really 10% prevalence or did 70% of the population have it with many more being only mildly sick and untested?)  This might mean that the outbreak will be much less severe than the calculator suggests.  On the other hand, Italy has seen a death rate over 7% and a hospitalization rate between 35%-40% rates much more severe than the calculator projects.

Whatever is to come, we will certainly be better and stronger dealing with this together.  We have a few steps that we would like to implement:

  •  First, we will be making virtual/video appointments available upon request.  These will be treated exactly like a regular visit with the doctor setting aside time to speak with you.
  • Second, we want to strongly reiterate that no patient should come into the office if they have a fever or respiratory symptoms.  We will be locking the door and opening it for folks who have an appointment or called ahead.  Give us a call.  We will get you the care you need, but contaminating the office is extremely dangerous to us and to our other patients and shuts us down until we are able to decontaminate. 
  • Third if you are willing to be part of a community response team in case things do get to be difficult, please email me with a description of the skills, time, and/or resources that you are willing to share.  Kacey L. Adams, R.Ph., Pharm.D., M.S., M.B.A. is forming a local civic support group to facilitate community support, communication, implementation, and policy advising functions.

Please, to the degree possible, limit physical contact to a closed group of people.  Care for the vulnerable people in your life by checking in by phone or video chat, but do not visit in person.  When you are in public, maintain at least 3 feet and preferably 6 feet between you and other people.  Wash your hands often.  Make sure that you help young children avoid contact as well - they may not show symptoms and still be spreading the disease.

We will continue to serve you throughout this time to the best of our ability.  As our health affects our ability to serve you, we will be transparent and work with our colleagues to do all that we can to care for you.

As always, your thoughts, comments, and questions are welcome. 
Be safe,