COVID-19 Update 5/27/20

With the long Memorial Day weekend behind us and the weather warming up, it has been good to both see and feel summer coming.  We spent the weekend in the office adjusting the workspace so that we can meet social distancing requirements moving forward.  We are particularly grateful for the helpful folks at the Logan County Building Authority and the City Engineer’s Office as we were able to pull off the changes on a tight budget and even tighter time frame.


We are continuing to read everything we can find on treatments and vaccines for COVID.  Some that looked promising early have proven to be too dangerous to use while others appear to show some benefits in very specific circumstances.  We expect to have a formal update in the coming weeks as the next round of studies come out in early June and we can get a better picture of where things stand.

We are so grateful for our patients and our community.  Please do not hesitate to give a ring (937-404-2489) or send an email with any suggestions, questions, or comments.