Our mission includes assisting in the growth of healthcare solutions that increase quality and affordability however we are able.  Particularly as it relates to Direct Primary Care, we are happy to assist quite actively.  Whether you are looking for a tour of our practice, a conversation, or a full-service management solution, we are happy to learn whatever we can and share as we are able.  To start a conversation about Direct Primary Care in a location outside of Bellefontaine, please contact Rudi at Rudi.Kauffman@HickoryDPC.com or by phone at 937-404-2489.

For general information, the resources and people at the Direct Primary Care Summit each summer are not to be missed.  (More information can be found at http://www.dpcsummit.org/home.html.)   Similarly, the community, conversation, and advice available on Dr. Phil Eskew’s site at http://www.dpcfrontier.com/ is an excellent resource.  If you are looking for something smaller and more personal, we regularly have visitors, but appreciate a month’s notice if possible simply to ensure that schedules work out.  

If you are looking for more advanced services, we are happy to look into a business relationship and can address the following areas:

  • Facilities evaluation and build-out
  • Procurement of startup equipment
  • Incorporating documents
  • Population, pricing, and service analyses
  • Strategic visioning support
  • Stocking and sourcing lists for medical materials
  • Cash pay, laboratory, and other pricing negotiations with area facilities
  • Contracts for employees
  • Contracts for patients
  • Comprehensive policies and procedures manual
  • Billing solutions
  • EHR Solutions
  • Payroll, taxes, and bookkeeping
  • Full technology implementation and support
  • Regulatory compliance training (HIPAA and OSHA training)