We are always looking for partners who can provide value to our patients.  Because our patients often are part of self-insured groups, have high deductibles, or are in alternative forms of cost sharing (like health-sharing ministries) we have found that cash pay arrangements are extremely popular.*

We welcome conversations with anyone interested in serving our patients’ needs for specialty care (consulting and delivery of services), imaging, procedures, and/or tests.  While we cannot and will not enter into exclusive contracts, we are working with a range of self-insured employers who may choose to do so and we have found that our patients place a premium on competitive pricing. 

If you would like to share your pricing, receive recent information about volume of specific services, or discuss any opportunities that might contribute to the health of our patients and communities, please do not hesitate to email our business manager, Rudi, at Rudi@HickoryDPC.com or give him a call at 937-404-2489.

* Under the HITECH Act, patients are permitted to engage with any provider on a cash pay basis, regardless of their insurance status.
 We will only evaluate medical services that are FDA approved and we do not sell any products in our office.