About Our Office

We are excited to help revitalize our community by creating a state of the art medical facility in the historic King Building located at 208 West Columbus Avenue in downtown Bellefontaine. We selected this site because it allows us to be easily accessible to patients and to be actively engaged in our community. Our office is designed to be comfortable and welcoming to patients and will allow us to grow to 3-4 physicians.



Dr Kauffman

Why I am doing this

I grew up in Bellefontaine. From the time that I started school at Northeastern Elementary, I wanted to be a doctor. I have found the last 9 years of caring for patients at Oakhill Medical Associates to be deeply rewarding; however, I have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of time and energy I have spent dealing with insurance hassles as it has become harder and harder for my patients to get the care that they need.

I see a Direct Primary Care Practice as a way to return to the roots of Family Medicine. I want to have a Doctor-Patient relationship where patients know that I am working for them, not their insurance company. I want to be able to give patients the time that they need without making someone else wait. I want to be able to use technology to treat patients at their convenience rather than being forced to bring patients into the office for visits because that is the only way I am able to pay my staff.


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About Direct Primary Care (DPC)

The goal of direct primary care is to remove many of the hassles and costs that come when health insurance is involved in health care decisions. Insurance only makes sense for expensive and unpredictable costs. If car insurance covered gasoline, windshield wipers, and tires, it would be incredibly expensive, in part because people would be less careful with how they used these things, but also because everyone would require documentation to prove what happened at every step. Healthcare is the same way. Primary care – that is, everything around the doctor-patient relationship including consultation for illness, managing of chronic disease, and access to proper and careful assessment of medications – can be done much more efficiently outside of insurance coverage.

Websites where you can read more about Direct Primary Care:
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