Why should I join?

Avoid the hassles of insurance
   • The healthcare you want for only $39/month and $20/visit
Easy access to medical care
   • Average wait times of less than 5 minutes
   • Same day appointments generally available
   • Your doctor or nurse answers the phone
Doctors who take time, listen, and care
   • 30 minute appointments
   • Consulting by phone
   • Home visits available

If your family, business, church, civic group, or social club would like to take a tour of the Hickory Medical Center in Bellefontaine or if you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to be in touch with us and we will schedule a tour and/or informational meeting with one of our doctors.


What about insurance or catastrophic coverage?

Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance. We encourage all of our members to find either an insurance plan or a health sharing plan to help cover the costs of catastrophic illness or injury. Hospital bills that come from an accident or from a serious disease are simply too big to cover on your own and the medical assistance that you will need to deal with these types of situations are more than Hickory Medical is built to provide.

Members of Hickory Medical routinely use their insurance or government program (Medicare or Medicaid) for medical procedures and specialist visits that happen outside of the Hickory Medical Center, as well as prescription medications and supplies. While we will see a patient with any insurance or no insurance, there are two type of plans that work particularly well with Direct Primary Care. Many of our patients carry some traditional form of insurance with a high deductible. With these high deductible plans, patient's premium savings are often much more than the cost of membership and their insurance is there to cover the cost of large incidents. Another option that is increasingly popular among individual Hickory Medical members are health-sharing plans such as Liberty Direct. These types of plans are recognized under the Affordable Care Act and allow participants to avoid any penalties for non-insurance. They are more lightly regulated so it is essential that any plan be carefully considered. Generally, these health-sharing plans offer more financial support (have fairly low amounts before cost are shared) which they achieve by having significantly lower overhead and in many cases somewhat less comprehensive coverage.


Individuals & Families

Membership is paid at the end of each month. To start membership there is a one-time fee ($39 for adults, $19 for children, maximum of $100 per family). Our biggest priority is healthcare and so we want our energy to focus entirely on taking care of the needs of our patients. To make this possible, we require some form of auto-payment using credit/debit card or checking account as part of membership. This allows us to keep fees very low and helps us to avoid the pricing games that are being played in many medical practices.



We can contract directly with Medicare beneficiaries to provide primary care services, but cannot bill Medicare for any charges. Medicare Beneficiaries must sign a Private Contract acknowledging this fact prior to joining.


Ready to Join?

Click on the button below to register securely online using the Hint Health site.

If you would rather not register online, you can call us at (937) 404-2488 or can download the following forms, print them, complete them, and fax to (937) 404-2428 or mail them to: Hickory Medical Direct Primary Care, 208 West Columbus Avenue, Bellefontaine, OH 43311.
     Member Registration Form
     Membership Contract
     Release of Records
     Medicare Private Contract (Patients with Medicare only)
     Protected Health Information/HIPAA Form